The key to the gift customization is that the gift and the customer's intentional gift have a high rate of conformity, so that the customer's satisfaction and service sense can be obtained, and the transportation and preservation of the gift will also affect whether the customer's experience is pleasant, so when What kind of operation process is there when you need to customize the gift?

  1, choose a gift custom company

  Gift customization first needs to choose a gift customization company, you can refer to the company's customer order requirements and cost to choose, see if the cost process can meet their own requirements and design satisfaction meets the requirements, etc., a good gift customization company If the product does not meet the requirements of the customer's requirements, this will not only reduce the loss of itself, but also be responsible for the production of the product.

  2, the description requires the production of design artwork

  After deciding on a gift customization company, you need to start negotiating with the designer about the details of the gift customization. The first is to determine the type of custom gift, whether it is a tableware or a porcelain or other categories. Of course, the different production requirements and design requirements of the category will also be Different, so we need to determine the type of gift and then determine the design cost and production process costs. After the negotiation of the design type, the designer will make three versions of the design artwork for the customer to choose according to the content and requirements of the negotiation.

  3. Negotiate the price after determining the artwork

  After the designer's artwork is completed, the customer needs to go to the company to confirm the sample. During the confirmation process, no photographs can be taken and a confidentiality agreement is signed. Because each design has a design copyright, it is necessary to sign the relevant agreement to avoid unnecessary disputes. Then, after the sample is confirmed, the price will be negotiated, and the price will vary depending on the design process.

  4, sign the contract delivery deposit to start proofing

  After the custom price negotiation of the gift is completed, the formal contract will be signed. After the signing, the customer needs to pay the deposit first. The deposit is not only a cost for the sample but also a guarantee for the gift company, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the customer default after the sample is produced. After the contract is signed, the company will start making samples for customer confirmation after receiving the deposit.

  5. Production approval is started after sample confirmation

  After the sample is finished, the customer will be interviewed to the company for sample confirmation. After the sample is confirmed, the customer will pay a part of the material cost first. The gift customization company can start to produce the product according to the customer's quantity requirements and color requirements. After the receipt of the goods, the customer will deliver the final payment.

  Because gift customization also has a long-term cooperative relationship, especially for corporate customers is an important object of long-term cooperation, so there will be more experience in gift customization companies.