In life and work, we often have to send someone a gift, but some people are not clear about the common sense of gift giving, but they do not achieve the desired results. The following Shanghai Gift Company will tell you four common senses of gift giving.

  First: useful gifts are not as good as gifts

  Shanghai Gift Company recommends that you do not send gifts that are too practical. For example, clothes, bags, etc., unless you are quite confident about your taste. Everyone has a lot of these things. If you don't give enough things, then it's easy to be drowned in the same kind of things. If the other party does not recognize your taste, it will leave a bad impression on others. Therefore, it is best to give gifts "four can not fall", that is, can not eat, can not be used, can not be sent. Can't throw it away. This kind of gift can best achieve the effect, and it is also the easiest to let the other party have a happy mood, which will have a profound impact on you. From the point of view of the person receiving the gift, what is useful to them is not necessarily enough to make them happy, and from the point of view of the giver, the purpose of the gift is not to give the other party a gift of practical value. It is to let the other party feel that you are careful.

  Second: unique, creative and best

  Such a gift can not only bring a surprise to the recipient, but also make the other person feel that you have spent your time preparing the gift. Shanghai Gift Company believes that the purpose of gift giving is exactly the same. From this perspective, Aokang male, creative handicrafts is a good choice. Its advantages include being unique and permanently preserved. However, the price will be slightly more expensive. The price of a good custom cartoon image is between 300-400 yuan, and the other party needs to provide a clear picture, at least one week in advance to book.

  Third: the small and medium is not as big as the small one

  That is to say, when giving gifts, choosing one of the less expensive gift categories is more expensive than choosing a cheap gift among a very expensive gift. Another popular point is that "Ning is not a chicken tail."

  Fourth: Say what you want, not as you want.

  Shanghai Gifts Co., Ltd. believes that the purpose of gift giving is not to let the recipients get the most practical effect, but to let their status get a certain degree of improvement in the minds of others. Therefore, you need to give the other party what you want to buy but not willing to buy, or if the other party is embarrassed to buy something, so that the other party will be more grateful to you.

  The above is an introduction to the gift-giving common sense that you can't help. I hope that through the introduction of the Shanghai Gift Company, let everyone know how to send gifts to others.